Transmissive and Translucent Experiment.

General / 09 November 2023

Modeled a shower gel bottle in the home to try out the transmissive / transparent materials in Marmoset 4. Possibly use in mockups later. 


Steam Punk Weapon Marmoset 4 instead of Substance Painter

General / 08 November 2023

Worked though this Steam Punk Weapon and had a good time of it. Tried to see if I could just use Marmoset 4 texturing tools instead of using Substance Painter for the texturing portion of the project. Just went step by step and equated what might produce similar results for Marmoset 4 and this is what resulted. It was defnitely a tutorial that took some commitment and time.  I would recommend knowing these programs fairly well if you go attempting this build. Decided to go with an absinth decorative theme on the weapon. 

The project that was followed can be found here


Blender Review

General / 29 October 2023

Just doing a little Blender review and wanted to test out baking in Marmoset 4 as an alternative to Substance Painter so tried out ChamferZone's tutorial which is great and would recommend. Here are the results and the screen captures I took through the process. 

Tutorial Link:
ChamferZone Tutorial


I have rendered Ceasar unto Metahuman.

General / 12 June 2022

Did a small experiment with Mesh to Metahuman update. 

Using a scan created by the The British Museum and doing some adjustments in zbrush. 

Source Mesh 

Edited mesh



Gelatinous Cube

General / 25 July 2021

Messing around with Zbrush and Marmoset 4 Started with making some materials and someone gave me the idea to make a gelatinous cube. 

Was inspired originally by the jelly shader in zbrush when making some alphas for sculpting. 

So decided to see what could be made in Marmoset 4 and someone recommended making a a gelatinous cube and decided to see what could be done. 

Then messed around with the glass shader changing the IOR to something that matches Jello.

Then mocked up a quick cube in zbrush.

One of the materials that resulted from the tiled alpha originally created.



Ian Hubert Lazy Tutorials Experiments

General / 14 July 2021

Been enjoying some of Ian Hubert's content and playing around with the Lazy tutorials he has on youtube for fun. 

Animating a free scan experiment. Instance them for a little extra weird. 

Nightmare Men

Quick simple flyer wall

Quick and easy image projected air conditioner.


Bacon Maple Bar

General / 02 May 2020

Decided to try the  Blender Guru donut tutorial but I am a maple bar fan. I see his tutorial so often wanted to see what it was like. Really wanted to try substituting the sprinkles with bacon.  It was a nice way to relax needed something to take a break from a super long hard surface project. 



House Plant

General / 30 March 2020

Finished up the soil and leaves and pot for this planter. Some quick comps before setting up final renders.


Stem for plant.

General / 23 March 2020

Working on a Stem for a plant could not help throwing a quick little comp together. 

Unconventional wireframe of low poly.

UVs why not.

Zbrush highPoly in beautiful default red zbrush... with brush cursor in screen shot.

Block out of Plant.


Skull Multiplied

General / 06 March 2020

Created a pile of skulls I may use as a base for a different sculpture in the future. This all started from a project in Forger. Done with this skull for now moving on to the next project.