Finished Skull Made In Forger

General / 04 March 2020

This is the final pass on this asset before I finalize it. It was an interesting process starting from Forger. I may come back to it on a later date and add in some micro detail in Zbrush or just make a new one in the future.  First texture setup in this pass was just for fun. 


Wanted my own Football without the poles.

General / 20 September 2019


Sculptember Ear

General / 01 September 2019

Decided to do a Sculptember this month lets see If I can make it every day. Started with an ear then baked it down and unwrapped it for texture experiments. 


Finished Orc

General / 29 August 2019

Finished up my Orc project. Re-baked the normals there were issues with the last one and added the eyes. I may do some lighting exercises in the future with this and it has turned out to be a great model for testing textures on.